Dog fostering and adoption

Dog fostering and adoptions

We started fostering dogs from the south in 2010. We have now fostered the following dogs: Brad, Sadie, Lady, Leah, Gigi, and Patches.

Dogs appear to be treated a lot differently down south than up north. They are discarded like trash when their owners tire of them, or can't afford food, bills, etc. The dogs are either dumped on the street to fend for themselves, or taken to animal shelters to be adopted. Often the animal shelters will put them down because they are overflowing with animals awaiting adoption.

There are some organizations that will arrange for many dogs to be shipped up north where there are many prospective owners who are looking for pets. The dogs arrive in big trailers like this one, and greeted by many welcoming people lining up to take their new pet, either to new homes or to temporary foster homes.

Patches, April-May 2011

Patches is a cross pointer/lab, about 5-6 years old, and she is the easiest foster we have had so far.

Gigi, January-February 2011

Gigi is a small rat terrier.

Leah, November 2010

Leah is about 8 months old.

Lady, October 2010

Lady was likely 7 or 8 years old, and was placed in a home after a week.

Sadie, August 2010

Sadie, a cute 3 month old puppy, was our first foster dog. She found her new home after just a week with us.

Brad, July 2010

Brad is the first dog we were involved with. We sponsored him to be transported up north, where we met him when he was brought off the truck and taken to a foster home.

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