May, 2010

We visited Florida in May 2010. This visit was double duty - to visit Aunty Jody and Uncle Jeff, and to take Holly to the German Shorthaired Pointer National Specialty Show at Gainesville. While we were there, Emma and I visited Kennedy Space Center and Sea World.

Visiting Aunty and Uncle

Kennedy Space Center
Vehicle Assembly Building
Shuttle on launch pad -
was scheduled to blast off a
few days after we left
Saturn V rocket
Space suit worn by Alan Shepard
Command module from Apollo 14
Space shuttle with external fuel tank
and solid rocket boosters
Closeup of shuttle

SeaWorld - some things that everyone thinks
of when you mention Florida
Manta rays

Holly in the puppy class,
2010 NSS, Gainesville, Florida

Andi Owens handling Holly in the puppy class

Holly, left, with her littermate Livvy,
2010 NSS, Gainesville, Florida

Holly - head study

Holly, left, with littermate Livvy

Photos taken of Holly at
2010 NSS, Gainesville, Florida

Washington DC, taken from car, as there was no parking
The Lincoln Memorial
The White House

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