Canobie Lake Park

29 August, 2004

Canobie Lake Park, Salem, New Hampshire

The FEI Company family day was held at a local amusement park, Canobie Lake Park. Food was provided, and all the rides were free to go on. We spent most of the time in the smaller rides (for obvious reasons) and although the weather could have been a little better, we all had a good time. Here's a sampling of the rides and the fun. There were more rides than shown here; these are the best pictures (and we didn't even see the whole of the park!)

Riding the train around the park

A boat ride (ring that bell!)

Flying a spaceship - good job somebody loves speed!

Riding on a small merry go round

Flying a helicopter, with a new friend to help fly it

Riding on the stagecoach - as driver and passenger

Riding a firetruck - off to rescue a cat stuck up a tree, perhaps?

Driving a car - won't be long before she's driving a real one...

Finally, riding on the big carousel (with Daddy)

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